YT International BFP51D Mustang


North American P51D Mustang

YT are fast becoming a very popular producer of very acceptable warbird models.


While my Flightline Graphics business is adsorbing much of my time at the moment I have halted the rebuilding of my Mick Reeves Spitfire and building of my Brian Taylor Spitfire.


The Mustang was purchased on 30/08/2009 at the British National Championships and will be re-decorated completely.


For more on YT models please visit their web site:  Click here


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  Section Last revised
1 A quick look at the kit as supplied 08/09/2009
2 Wing construction 12/03/2010
3 Fuselage 17/02/2010
6 Tail Surfaces


7 Painting 03/06/2010
8 Detailing the model 31/12/2010
9 Conclusions  
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