YT International BF109 E build

Messerschmitt BF 109 E
Who would have thought it possible! I have purchased an ARTF scale model.  But these are no ordinary ARTF, with increasing popularity the YT International team based here in the UK are trying to re-define the face of the ARTF warbird at an extremely high level.

After a few initial flights I modified the wing.  This work is ongoing and will hopefully be completed soon after a short break!


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  Section Last revised
1 A quick look at the kit as supplied 27/05/2006
2 Wing construction 08/08/2006
3 Fuselage 09/08/2006
6 Final fixing! - the home straight 14/09/2006
7 Test Flight 15/10/2006
8 Post Maiden Modifications 10/10/2007
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