About Paint Masks . . .

Paint Masks are digitally cut from 80µ vinyl specially designed for this application.  It is very flexible with a medium tack adhesive which boasts a zero residue when removed.   Masks can be used to reproduce insignia, squadron lettering, serial numbers, and numerous flat coloured motif's.  General insignia are a breeze with paint masks, and using a simple alignment procedure you can build up incredibly detailed markings with perfect edges.   All artwork is originated in-house so you can be assured of excellent customer service from routine standard insignia to something less ordinary.

Paint Masks can also be used to produce small stencil characters - please click here for more details.  


Advantages when using Paint Masks

  • Highly accurate detail with perfect clean lines.
  • Authentic results.
  • Colour accuracy is given by the paint stock you use.
  • No raised edges when using good quality paints.
  • Easy to use.
  • Won't lift like decals do.
  • Uniform colour and sheen over the model.
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Richard Crapp's Ryan PT22 The lower wing artwork shows how clean the markings can be reproduced with Paint Masks.

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Ali Machinchy's 3W F7F Tigercat This 120inch span Tigercat was built and painted by Steve Carr from his Warbird Factory.
Power is by 2 150 Moki radial engines.
Picture courtesy of Steve Carr of   "Steve's Warbird Factory".


Because of the variation in customer requirements it is very difficult to show a price list which would give you an idea of how much your project would cost to cover.


Price is sensitive to the size of the model, the type of markings,number of colours,  and if there are any non-standard markings.


To give you an idea, a 1/6 scale German aircraft such as the ME109, will have 2 colour Balkenkreuz on the wing top and bottom, fuselage numbers with Balkenkreuz, and Swasticka on the fin, all for about £30.00 plus packaging & postage.


So for a no obligation quote please contact me via the contact page - Click here.



More complex Paint Masks.

You can combine paint masks with your own painting skills.  Shown opposite is the nose art on Graham Buchanan's Ziroli P-38 Lightning decorated with Little Buckaroo" flown my Major Robert C. 'Buck' Rogers 392nd fighter squadron.


The artwork was created using paint masks for the text and the 2 characters.  Graham then hand painted the finer details like the highlights on the cowboy, grass, and the detail around the shattering swastika. 


Dependant on the complexity of the image and the skill of the modeller some very impressive results can be achieved.  Graham can offer a full build and/or painting service, and can be contacted via his web site at Tiger Models.

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Graham Buchanan's P38 Lightning This beautifully finished model featured in RCM&E magazine among many others. Finished in his famous "metallic" paint finish. You can contact Graham via his Tiger Models Web Site.

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Spitfire Maint Masks ready to go A typical box of Paint Masks ready to go complete with proof swatch.

What you should expect

Paint Masks are an aid to help you create accurate markings, and to do this, each colour of every mark has a corresponding mask to apply that colour.  


Each enquiry will receive a proof image detailing your specific requirements including pictograms and dimensions.  You will be surprised how many variants of the same insignia were deployed during the World War's so it is vital that you check the dimensions detailed on the proof will fit your model.


If you are choosing a non standard sheme it may be necessary to make some minor adjustmentsset of markings over a number of proofs.

If you are after paint masks for your pride and joy . . .

I am sure you will agree that insignia can make the difference between an OK model and an exceptional model.  It is important therefore to make sure you know exactly what you are after for your model.


If you are looking for information on a specific aircraft I may be able to assist, but it is important to stress this service is only available to my customers. 


For more details on how to enquire about paint masks please click here.

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My Mick Reeves 1/6 Spitfire This model set me off on the "Scale Scene" a few years ago. All wood construction and powered by a Laser 150.





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