3D Printed scale parts for 1/3 scale WWI models!

Having created scale parts for my own Fokker D.VII I have had a number of enquiries from all around the world regarding commercial availability, particularly the Spandau Machine guns.


As you would expect with Flightline Graphics, grate care has gone into the design and construction of the parts to ensure they are of the highest quality.  In fact the guns I produced for myself have now been considered prototypes for the soon to be released commercial item.


These guns will be available early 2015 priced in the area of £150.00 per gun.

Yes I know that's expensive, but we are talking SLS Nylon here which is very durable and should withstand engine vibration.  This detail is not possible with cheaper extrusion DLP "hobby" printers, and while photo sensitive SLA resins machines have very good surface detail they do not have the durability and age stability offered by Nylon.


If you are interested in these guns please contact me via my contact page.


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Other components

A range of other small parts will be available for purchase also.






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