Digital Print


What is digital print?

Digital printing is something we can all do.  However the domestic printers we purchase for home use are limited in capabilities because of the competitive nature of the domestic printer market.  Professional level printers use very different hardware costing many times more that of the home printers.    The main differences are that they can print onto many surfaces, and use inks that do not wash off like standard water based inks.  They are also capable of applying white ink, which is very important for enabling print to show up on dark surfaces when using clear films.


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Uses for Digital Printing.

We can all think of many things we want stickers for, but common applications include markings for electric, sport scale, and stand off scale models.


Further applications include club badges, notices, temporary decals, and static cling.



A popular area also includes helicopters where sometimes a complex scheme requires a combination of "mixed media" as shown in this Agusta 119 decorated in a New Zealand rescue livery.  A combination of spray paint, digitally printed media, and rubdown decals were used to achieve the final result seen here.




Digitally printed media is available in a variety of formats but the most popular are printed White, clear and Static cling for windows.


Naturally pricing is determined by the complexity of the artwork, size, and the type of decal plus quantity required.  


By example, 100 club membership decals can be purchased for £25.00 with some cost allocated to origination of simple artwork.


Please contact me with your enquiry and I will do my very best to meet your requirements.




Custom Work (non aircraft)

Flightline Graphics specialises in the production of artwork for scale, and full size aircraft.  As such we do not take on work that is not aircraft related.


There are many companies in the UK that are capable of delivering posters, coasters, mugs, and a wide variety of branded products.  Google is a good staring point.


My apologies to customers who would like digital print that is not related to aviation, but I have to limit the scope of my operation to be able to meet the exacting demands of my customers.






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