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33% Fokker D.VII by Glenn Torrance Models USA

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Model Status: Pending Construction
Engine: Zenoah 63 with gear reduction
Finished Weight: TBA
Construction start: January 2013 Construction finished: Summer 2016

Maiden:  TBA


Manufacturer:  Glenn Torrance Models

I have finally succumbed to pressure from my good lady and got round to building a WWI aircraft.  Not wanting to be too routine with the model I have chosen a Fokker D.VII with some extremely unusual artwork which should give me plenty to think about.


The Dawn Patrol is looming . . . .


Last updated 12/12/2015

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YT International: North American P51D Mustang

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Model Status: Finished
Engine: Laser 180

Retracts: YT Air up, air down.
Finished Weight: 13 Kg
Construction started: September 2009
Construction finished: August 2010
Maiden: October 2010


Manufacturer:  YT International

Well I still can't get into repairing my Mick Reeves Spitfire, so I am going to have a go at a YT P51D Mustang.  Always liked the Mustang and plan on reworking the airframe similar to the 109 upgrades.  I will also be demonstrating my Paint Mask systems on the model.


Last updated 28/12/2010

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YT International Messerschmitt BF109E

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Model Status: Finished
Engine: OS120FS Surpass Pumped
Retracts:Shindin Machine
Finished Weight: 12.1 LB
Construction started: June 06
Construction finished: September 06
Maiden: 1st October 2006


Manufacturer:  YT International

While the Spitfire was back in the workshop I decided to build a YT international ARTF warbird. These models are extremely popular so I decided to see what all the fuss is about . . . .


Last updated 16/09/2007

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Brian Taylor 1/5.33 Spitfire: based on Super Marine PR Spitfire MK XI PL965

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Model Status: On hold !
Engine: Laser 180
Retracts: Shindin Machine
Finished Weight: TBA
Construction started: Jan 2006
Construction finished: TBA
Maiden: TBA


Manufacturer:  Traplet Publications

Building has been suspended to facilitate repairs to MK923 which suffered a serious tip stall.
Work will commence later in 2006.



Last updated 10/05/2006

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Mick Reeves 1/6 Spitfire: based on Super Marine Spitfire MKIXc MK923

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Model Status: In repair shop
Engine: Laser 150
Retracts: Mick Reeves Mechanical
Weight: 16Lb (7.4Kg)
Construction started Feb. 2004
Construction finished August 2005
Maiden: 11 September 2005


Manufacturer:  Mick Reeves Models

Unfortunately MK923 suffered engine failure while flying and tip stalled into the ground.  Damage is extensive but not impossible to repair. 



Last updated 22/11/2005

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