Mick Reeves 1/6 Scale Spitfire Review
Test Flight

The maiden flight was planned for the weekend of 10th and 11th September at the Battle of Britain commemorative event at RAF Coltishall. I have been very lucky to have been invited to this meeting by Phil Goff from the Norwich Model Aero Club who found this build web site on the net. Phil was test flying a Eurofighter on the Saturday afternoon before the main event on Sunday and suggested I arrived then to maiden the aircraft. I duly arrived at 5:00pm at the air base and began assembly for the flight!


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Well she flies!
Many thanks to Phil Goff, Clive Goff, and Mark Dyball (who took the above photos) - a big thanks for their assistance.


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Video of the Maiden Flight!


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video 8 MB


OK got a spot of video for you to see. This is the maiden flight at RAF Coltishall Click here or the above image to view.
As you will see the flight was clean without any major problems. Only trim required was a bit of right aileron and that was it!  I never do anything fancy on maiden flights. Take off, trim, few circuits and then land. Ah yes the landing.  .  .  .  .  not perfect but there you go. What happened was the starboard wheel twisted on landing forcing the model to steer off to the left violently. I had to put a hefty amount of rudder and aileron in to correct it, which ultimately lead to the spinner making an early visit to the runway.
After the flight I increased rudder and elevator up movement. This was my first flight with a scale bird and I did not get the tail down early enough which could have added to the pressures on the wheel. We can speculate for ever! All that matters is that she is in one piece and the pm;y damage is a scuff on the spinner and a few notches to put into the OLEO steel bars to stop the grub screws spinning again. All in all I was well pleased with the result.


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Video of the Second Flight!

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Made a repeat trip to Coltishall for remembrance day event. Many thanks to Phil Goff of the Norwich Model Aero Club again for the invite. Pictures in this section were taken by my friend Peter who took some excellent shots. I personally like # 6 best, and most of the others a close second. Video was taken by my wife Carole who did well to hold frame. It was a little blustery during the flight, but a better - ish landing than the maiden. At least I got the right "three" points this time! (see pic 8).






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