YT International BF109 - Test Flight

The model was completed on 14th September and attended the Battle of Britain event at RAF Coltishall the following day.  This was a fantastic event organised by the Norwich Model Aero Club  It was a nice day but for me and a maiden it was too breezy.  After I departed I think the wind did settle, but of course that was too late!.  Anyway a nice ground shot of the model at Coltishall :)



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It was time to fly. Its Sunday and the winds were light, cloudy but not too gray. When I got to the field the weather did begin to deteriorate rapidly, so I decided to just get on with the maiden! Changeable cloud and choppy breeze seemed to be the order of the day! Apologies for the picture quality as they are lifted from video.

Pic 1. There was no time to loose - assembled, checked and flight ready in 10 minutes! First taxi run ended with the nose over in one of our many ruts! so it was back to the pits to start her again.  Walked her out this time - a few quiet moments before take off!.  Are we ready then !  and away she went.

Pic 2.  Straight into the air in 40 ft of runway. Trim was needed - several clicks of down trim for the elevator, and the ailerons 2 clicks right.  Wheels went up but not all the way unfortunately so I decided to lower them for the rest of the flight.

Pic 3.  She looks good in the air.  after 2 minutes the flying was nice and relaxed, but then the engine began to pop and splutter.  Thought she had died (wind getting even stronger) so I brought her round for a landing, as she entered the field I could see the prop was still spinning and the response was good - I'll carry on then, power on and away she went.  Made a roll and loop but they were a bit scrappy to be honest.  Wind picking up and very blustery now.
Pic 4. Time to bring here in, engine still not running sweet!  a little flap introduced and I noticed a little kiting as I did so, nothing too big.  Handling pretty good but a little rocky with the wind.  In she came with a bit of a stall  but onto two wheels and rolling.  Everything stopped abruptly in about 10 feet courtesy of another rut and she gently rolled over onto the nose.  The rut caused the right OLEO link rod to bend a little, nothing really but I think I will fabricate a stock for regular flying.

I immediately ran an engine check on the ground and I clearly needed to turn the needle in a 90- 100° to get good running again.  Checked in all other positions and she was good again. 

The retracts were under inflated and is why they failed to lock out in the flight.  I have a hand pump which is very inconsistent at delivering power.  In the rush to get in the air I ran out of patience pumping away.  Electric device required!

Next flight RAF Coltishall 15/10/2006


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Managed to get some flying at RAF Coltishall.  Conditions were overcast and slightly misty, but not enough to put me off.  I must thank Mark Dyball "Dibble" for taking these pictures in very difficult lighting conditions.  The landing was appalling and the wires for the retracts once again bent, plus the retract modification I made collapsed.  I am in re-think mode!






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