Glenn Torrance 1/3 Scale Fokker D.VII


   Fokker D.VII 4649/18 Jasta 65

Glenn Torrance is highly respected for his WWI model kits available in 1/4 and 1/3 scale variants.  The Fokker D.VII had only just become available at 1/3 scale when I ordered.  Some components were not finished so the kit would be supplied over a period of time.  This kit will be the first into the UK with the Mid OAW option.


I intend to fly with the UK Dawn Patrol when the model is finished which I guess will be some time in 2013/14.   I am building this model for my wife who has always enjoyed watching the Dawn Patrol displays at shows, so I should not have any problems getting a helper!   I will be decorating the aircraft with a well known, but rarely copied Jasta 65 scheme serial 4649/18, more commonly known as the Sieben Schwaben.


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1 A quick look at the kit as supplied 13/01/2013
2 History of the aircraft 29/12/2010
3 Tail Surfaces 05/01/2014
4 Fuselage 16/08/2014
5 Wings


6 Covering the wings with Lozenge


9 Painting13/12/2015






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