Full Size Aircraft and Kit builders!


Flightline Graphics has had the opportunity to work on a number of full size and kit builds.  Aircraft that require a level of accuracy that is in no way dissimilar to that demanded by scale model builders have proven to be a perfect match for our services.


Seen opposite:  Titan T51D Mustang is a 75% reproduction of the famous North American P51D Mustang of World War II and is commercially available as a kit build.


Flightline Graphics produce the artwork for the airframe based on the famous P51D Mustang Big Beautiful Doll for submission to the CAA for the exemption certificate to permit the aircraft to fly with US national markings in UK airspace.  Once approved paint masks and stencils were supplied to the builder to paint the insignia and markings on the airframe.  This aircraft has been finished to a very high standard.


We have also been lucky enough to be involved (in a small way) with full size historic aircraft the required a few stencils to assist with a partial re-paint .


Here Spitfire TE184 was undergoing some paint restoration work at Booker Airfield by Personal Plane Services.  Flightline Graphics drew and supplied paint masks for the fuselage lettering and the serial number.






A little more unusual is another kit build aircraft imported by Grass Strip Aviation Limited.  This Fokker Eindecker is a 75% reproduction, though not strictly to scale, it is intended for use as a sub 215Kg Micro light in the UK.


This airframe was decorated with artwork referenced from period documentation with some artistic licence where the structure was altered to meet current UK regulations. 


This RV8 from Van's Aircraft was decorated with a scheme assimilated from a MX-S prototype.  The artwork and masks were all produced by Flightline Graphics and used by the builder with excellent results.


Some parts were painted with dimensional information we supplied to completer the painting process which helped to reduce the overall cost of the scheme.


It does not need to be a full size airframe where Flightline Graphics can help.  If you need a single item originating or copying from reference artwork we are only too happy to help.


No job is too small, if you require replacement maintenance stencils and/or warnings just give us a call or send a message from our contact page for a quotation.


Pictured opposite am original decal (to the left) was reproduced in hand drawn vector format for application to the re-sprayed airframe (Marchetti SM 1019).


If you have any questions at all related to your full size aircraft or kit build please send me a message - Click here.














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